Professional Ethics Counsel

Deborah helps lawyers meet their clients’ expectations and the profession’s requirements for ethical practice.

Deborah is familiar with the range of ethical issues faced by an active, growing, full service firm, as well as the challenges that are particular to solos and speciality practices.  She has been "at the table" in developing rules and guidance for the legal profession, including service as the Chair of the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, and a member of the Ohio Supreme Court Task Force that developed recommendations for the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct adopted by the Court in 2007.  She has served as ethics partner for a full service business law firm, and has advised civil and criminal practitioners, and in-house counsel to public corporations and other institutions.

Deborah can help you unpack your ethical dilemma and chose a course of action that satisfies your ethical duties and minimizes risk.  Deborah also represents lawyers who are respondents in bar investigations and grievances, serves as an expert witness, and evaluates malpractice complaints.